Implicit Career Search

Implicit Career Search


A step-by-step process designed to assist you in developing a comprehensive career plan.

Implicit Career Search (ICS) is a fun, 3-day workshop that is like a road map, guiding you on your own career planning journey.  Discover what it is you want to contribute to the world, and how you are going to get paid for it!


By helping you decide what you would like the purpose of your work to be and developing your plan from there.

The Implicit Career Search workshop has been designed and refined over the last fifteen years to help a wide diversity of clients develop realistic and well-defined career plans. Each of the 6 workshop Modules is three hours in length and designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles by incorporating the following teaching methods:

  • Non-Verbal Exercises
  • Movement as Metaphor
  • Short Lecturettes (very short!)
  • Assessments
  • Guided Imagery

The success of ICS workshops is due, in large part, to clients being encouraged to participate in the workshop at the level that they find to be most effective and enjoyable for them.


The Six Stages of the ICS program can be described as:

  1. Decision Making: How do I find out who I want to be?
  2. Personal Development: What stops me from being who I want to be?
  3. Personal Definition: Who have I decided to be?
  4. Career Definition: What will I contribute with my work?
  5. Career Development: How will I deliver this contribution?
  6. Strategic Planning: How do I define and achieve success?


Each Implicit Career Search Plan involves writing a:

  • Personal Mission Statement (The person I am and the person I intend to be)
  • Work Purpose Statement (Why the world will be a better place due to the work I do)
  • Career Development Plan (developing the career from skills to sales to service to solutions to bliss)
  • Strategic Career Plan (a step by step process to achieve your definition of success):
    • Vision Stages = Long Term Plans
    • Implementation Steps = Detailed steps to accomplish each Vision Stage
    • Contingency Plans = Back up planning to make ensure the work purpose is achieved



The underlying assumption throughout ICS is that not only do we each have a unique contribution to deliver during our lives, we also implicitly and deeply desire to make this contribution.  Independent studies of the ICS approach have shown it to be from two to three times as effective as traditional career development programs in helping individuals attain and retain work while considerably increasing self-efficacy, personal accountability and self-esteem.

Basing a career plan on these assumptions is the most effective way to design a successful career, using any measurement of success: personal satisfaction, monetary gain, security, legacy accomplishments, joy, etc.

NOTE:  Please call or drop by for more details about eligibility, and to find out about a one-on-one "Coaching" version of this workshop.

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