Personality Dimensions®*

Personality Dimensions
Thursday, February 14, 2019 -
09:30 to 15:30


Know your Personality Dimensions® to...

  • Express yourself appropriately
  • Appreciate yourself & others
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Narrow gaps and differences
  • Identify potential problems early
  • Elevate morale and enthusiasm
  • Optimize team performance
  • Support and encourage others
  • Organize efficient teams
  • Yield higher productivity
  • Influence others positively


Personality Dimensions® in the Workplace

The rapid changes in the economy are driving workplaces that demand effective working relationships.  Personality Dimensions® creates a framework with which to establish and communicate goals and expectations.Since no one is ever energized by focusing on negative or poor behaviours; Personality Dimensions® workshops highlight the values and strengths each person brings, and reinforces these in a positive framework for everyone.  The number one goal of each session is to build the grounds for an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect; increase communication; and create strong relationships within the work environment and beyond.

Using the philosophy of understanding yourself and others, Personality Dimensions® motivates and inspires team members to boost effectiveness.  In the long run, you will save time, energy and money; and build better employee relations, which equals efficiencies on both a personal and corporate level.

By the end of a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop, participants will have a better understanding of themselves, appreciate why others act the way they do, and understand the effect this has on workplace roles and responsibilities.


* PERSONALITY DIMENSIONS is a trademark of Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc. used under license by Sarah Ethier.

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