Wage Subsidy for Job Seekers


Earn While You Learn!

A Wage Subsidy is designed to assist job seekers to gain work experience and learn new skills, by providing a financial incentive for employers to provide on the job training.

Our funding helps the employer to pay your wages during the training portion of your new job.
The ultimate goal is regular full time employment!


How Can a Wage Subsidy Help Me Find a Job?

NEW – increased flexibility allows employers to re-hire laid off employees OR to create a new position (as long as you both talk to us before you're hired).

If you are eligible for a Wage Subsidy, you actually have an advantage to “market” yourself to employers.

As long as the employer fits the eligibility requirements, there are quite a few benefits for them to hire you:

  1. Allows the employer to provide on-the-job training, by offsetting the extra expense of training a new employee.
  2. Helps you to market yourself to the employer as the “right” person for the job, even if you don’t have all the skills.
  3. Employer can hire you for your “soft skills”, or how you “fit” based on your drive and personality, and then train you for the hard skills the job requires.
  4. There is less risk for the employer, as the costs of training are substantially lower.
  5. Gives you an advantage over other, similarly-skilled applicants who don’t have a wage subsidy.
  6. Increases the number of jobs available to you, as some skills will be learned on the job.
  7. The wage subsidy is “yours”, not the employer’s, and you can use it for any employer who fits the eligibility requirements and agrees to sign a contract with us.


Who Is Eligible for a Wage Subsidy?

NEW expanded eligibility - All unemployed residents of B.C. who are identified through the WorkBC Employment Services Contractor, or an employer identified job seeker may be eligible to participate in this service.


How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to Contact Us to learn more details about your eligibility - before you get hired. Whether you are a current client, or have never worked with us before, we will work with you to get started in a Wage Subsidy position as soon as possible.


If you already have a potential employer in mind, or if an employer wants to re-hire you, it is essential that your eligibility is confirmed, and a Wage Subsidy Agreement is in place with the employer, BEFORE you are hired.


To learn more, you can contact our Wage Subsidy Coordinator directly at kblats@avemployment.ca
 or phone 250-724-4560 ext. 225.

Employers:  Please visit Wage Subsidy Service for information about employers' eligibility.